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The GOD Squad Wedding Ministers would be honored to perform your wedding ceremony, but if you choose another officiant, MAKE SURE they are REAL MINISTERS.

There are other individuals who hope you'll choose them,

to perform your ceremony.  Sadly a great many are

"Pretend Ministers" - individuals who've purchased a fake certificate over the internet. 

Thankfully, The State of Tennessee created laws that forbid individuals ordained through The Universal Life Church, and other "online diploma mill fake ministries" from performing the rites of marriage, yet it happens almost every day.

They won't tell you, and they hope you'll never find out.

Can you imagine finding out that you're not legally married...? 

What about your kids? What about legal trusts and inheritances?  Who'll make emergency medical decisions? 

Don't take a chance on the most important day of your life.

The GOD Squad Wedding Ministers  has spent nearly 30 years perfecting our ceremony, and providing only the most experienced, professional, REAL CHURCH ordained wedding ministers in the country. 

We maintain an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau, We've performed thousands of ceremonies, and have nearly TWO THOUSAND Five-Star Wedding Wire reviews, from couples we've married over the last few years. 

We hope you'll choose The

GOD Squad Wedding Ministers

to perform your ceremony,

but if you don't...



Don't jeopardize your married

life, by being married

by a fake minister.

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Don't take a chance on the

most important day of your life!

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